Zales - The Source - Case Study

The Source

Like a diamond, Zale Corporation is multifaceted. With hundreds of stores nationwide, keeping track of marketing needs at the local level is pretty difficult. Zales asked us to create a way for local marketing representatives to customize their own collateral pieces without compromising brand standards, so we crafted this little gem called “The Source.” Beyond simply creating flawless coupons and store signs, The Source also encouraged local marketing collaboration, allowing store managers from across the nation to shine by communicating with other stores about budgets, marketing assistance and best practices.


  • Create a way to increase field operative ownership of local marketing and results. .
  • Generate store traffic and guest interaction during both primary and secondary promotional periods..
  • Support the national level campaign with store level initiatives.
  • Define and create cost-effective yet highly impactful brand elements to fit within a limited budget.


  • Craft a web-to-print interface that is both easy to use and highly malleable to allow for incredibly nimble field deliverables in the rapidly changing demands of a retail luxury goods market.
  • Produce Zale Corp. approved training materials and videos designed to assist in the learning and planning of the local level managers.
  • Build an “on demand” library of customizable store level marketing pieces including coupons, booklets, handouts, ROP ads, posters, vinyl banners and more.
  • Work with marketing executives to develop logistical roadmaps for delivery, usage and tracking.


  • Documented 100% user participation and positive feedback.
  • Saw a 4:1 return on investment, beating an existing online media campaign.
  • Reported a large increase in store traffic and increased store manager interaction.

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