PawTree - Case Study


We are a group of pet lovers. So when we heard that a new direct-selling company wanted to launch a brand that would help pets thrive and give them healthy, happy lives, their mission tugged at our heartstrings. pawTree is a story of unconditional love between pet parents and their pets. The brand offers customized nutrition plans based on a simple to use pet profile system that helps take the guesswork out of choosing the right food for your pets. Long live our furry companions!


  • Create a brand that looks like a leader in the pet food category.
  • Convey the story of "unconditional love".
  • Create a brand personality that is warm, friendly and reflects an upscale, premium product line.
  • Educate the target audience about the concept of pawTree and how it's different than its competitors.
  • Build a website with a pet profile component that enables recommendation of custom nutrition plans.


  • Build a consistent brand identity across all elements including website, catalog, packaging, videos and sales material to give the brand credibility and position it as a category leader.
  • Design a clean and simple look across all branded elements to establish an upscale, premium feel.
  • Tell the story of "unconditional love" through the use of heartwarming, lifestyle images of people interacting with pets as well as through the messaging.
  • Develop a robust yet simple and user-friendly website with a pet profile system that allows users to input specific information about their dog’s health and condition in order to get custom product recommendations.
  • Create 14 different videos to help educate the customer about the customized nutrition plan concept as well as the core products.


  • pawTree launched in April 2014 and within six months, 1,600 users have signed up and 2,300 pet profiles have been created.
  • The strong branding and breadth of elements has helped validate the company quickly as a serious entry into the direct selling industry, and has also assisted in the recruitment of senior board appointees along with consultants.
  • The website has seen 2,700 unique visitors with an average visit duration of over seven minutes and a low bounce rate of 14.5%.
  • Plans are in progress for a 2015 launch of cat line products that include food, treats and toys.

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Dallas, Texas 75207


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