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Crooked Crust - Case Study

Case Study Crooked Crust

A small group of investors cut from the same crust came to us with a concept for a new pizza restaurant and right away we could tell they had pizza sauce running through their veins. Now, branding a new pizza restaurant is like spinning the perfect pizza pie out of a little ball of dough. It takes the right amount of quality ingredients, sauce and talent to create a recipe for success. As such, we took this little dough ball and cooked up some delicious branding to help Crooked Crust take a bite out of the competition.


  • Create a new pizza restaurant concept that can be the model for a national franchise.
  • Create an exciting and memorable brand personality that appeals to an audience of college students and young adults without alienating other potential customers.
  • Create a brand identity that differentiates from competitors not only within the pizza category but also in an overly saturated fast-casual food market.


  • Develop messaging and positioning strategies based on research/market assessment.
  • Build a cohesive and consistent brand identity, which includes: naming, logo, environmental look and feel, menu boards, signage, packaging, business cards, magnets, table tents, promotional items, e-commerce website and grand opening campaign.
  • Work with environmental design partner to implement our brand vision.


  • Client exceeded projected revenue goals by over 50% on opening day, March 15, 2010.
  • Since the launch, the distinctive brand has generated buzz virally with the target audience.
  • This restaurant concept became so successful that a second restaurant is now open at another university and plans to open a third franchise are coming soon.


  • Brand Strategy & Development
  • Design Strategy & Execution
  • Name & Logo Development
  • Branded Environmental Design
  • Creative Design
  • Copywriting
  • Photography
  • Interactive Services
  • Production
  • Printing


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