Cheesecake Love - Case Study

Cheesecake Love - Case Study

Cheesecake Love

The owner of Cheesecake Love approached us with a rebranding project to refresh her delicious little startup business. Her love for cheesecake goes as deep as the thick crust she bakes them in and she wanted to spread that love to more folks in the Dallas area, and quite possibly even the world! Upon tasting her cheesecake, we fell instantly in love and decided to help her out by developing a memorable brand reflective of the fresh ingredients, delicious taste and homemade quality found in her products. Essentially, every forkful of branding and bite of cheesecake was made with love.


  • Create a brand that connects with consumers in a saturated and competitive dessert market.
  • Generate product visibility and create consumer engagement primarily through the website in order to support the online business model. The retail storefront is used for product pick up only.
  • Define and create cost-effective yet highly impactful brand elements to fit within a limited budget.


  • Research the dessert market to define the target audience and identify opportunities for brand differentiation.
  • Develop clear messaging and positioning strategies based on research that appeal to the target audience of professional females age 25 – 55.
  • Based on the new positioning, build a brand identity that successfully differentiates Cheesecake Love from the competitors by developing a look and feel that connect with the consumer and truly drive home the idea that the brand is delicious, homemade and unsurpassed in quality. The final brand identity was consistently executed across all touch points including logo, business cards, menu cards, point-of-sale, packaging and e-commerce website.
  • Develop a dynamic e-commerce site that reflects the brand personality and helps create an engaging and friendly online consumer shopping experience to drive repeat business as the website is the primary shopping destination.


  • The creation of a brand that successfully communicates the client’s desired characteristics for her business and product: delicious cheesecakes handmade with love and handled with a personal touch.
  • The brand has seen a lift in sales since the launch; exact figures to be determined.
  • By having a brand presence, Cheesecake Love is in a strategic position to grow its business and gain more market share within the dessert category. Cheesecake Love is currently in talks with Costco to start selling its products through the club store channel.
  • Brand Agent has received several awards for Cheesecake Love’s logo and website design.

1211 Dragon St.

Dallas, Texas 75207


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